I’m a thief!

This is stolen from a post on WrongPlanet… I just liked it a lot. The writer is Christian, though, so the ending is kind of… Wut… But the rest is good. For those of you not familiar with WrongPlanet, it’s about living with autism. Basically, it tries to make parallels between some fictional mind-readers and neurotypicals, and an explorer and an aspie.

A man was exploring an uncharted region of the world and encountered an isolated community of people who could read each others minds. They had the capability of opening up their thoughts for transmission to each other, and likewise they could close their thoughts at will but doing this was considered very rude among them. This mind reading was accepted as normal among the community, and they had developed their own social rules for its use. Fascinated, the man decided to take up camp among the apparently friendly and accepting community of mind readers for a time to get to know them better.

When the explorer met these people, of course he could not read their minds, and they could not read his. They viewed this as a deliberate act of the explorer closing of his own mind to them. They thought, what a peculiar fellow. He should be willing to open up his mind like the rest of us do. They brought this to his attention as an admonishment, and when the explorer explained that he was unable to read their minds, they did not quite believe him because after all, everybody can read minds. They said he was being stubborn and self centered closing his mind off like that. They let him know how rude he was behaving, and that he needed to be more considerate of others. The man was confused with the strange social dynamics of the community. More than half of their interpersonal communication was done through mind reading. Everyone knew what each other was thinking, and seemed to respond easily to one another. But when the explorer tried to interact with them, he was given responses of frustration because he did not pick up on what the other people were thinking. This offended the mind readers, and they started to rebuke the man for he was being rude and inconsiderate toward others, not even taking their clearly projected thoughts into account like any truly caring person would.

Constant accusations of only “living in his own world” became frustrating and nobody understood or even believed that he was simply unable to read their minds. The explorer felt frustrated and alone. He did not wish to offend others, but it seemed to happen so often he decided that it was easier to spend time alone where he would not be viewed as rude and inconsiderate. The man spent many hours alone in his hut crying and praying to the Lord to give him the gift of reading minds so he would be accepted by the others. In his heart, he felt the Lord saying, “My grace is sufficient for you. Remember, the world did not accept Me either.” This helped some, but he never was able to form close relationships with the mind readers.

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