Wow, I haven’t updated this in like… 8 forevers.

Hm. Hi, if anyone’s reading this.

Uh, general update… No longer a teenager! Haha! I’m 21 now. Hooray for booze!

I’m almost thinking of starting a new blog… Revamping this one seems like….. Work. I dunno. The thing is, I like the URL, but some of the stuff this blog is about is kinda… Stuff I don’t really want to blog about anymore? I dunno. Words.

If anyone actually pays attention to the subtitle, you may notice that I removed the “transabled” part, and I’d just like to make it clear that it’s not because I’m no longer transabled. Because I am. But I’ve also realized that it doesn’t affect my life as much as it affects the lives of a lot of other transabled people, and I just sort of… Don’t want to talk about that, I guess. At least, not right now.

Also, I’ve realized that advertising being transabled seems to be a really good way to attract trolls, and I already do that enough on my tumblr and I’m trying to get away from doing it there, too. I’m debating about deleting the post(s) of mine that ended up on r/ tumblr in action (the spaces are there because I’m paranoid) because on one hand, I don’t want people laughing at me, but on the other, I don’t really want to bend to the whims of assholes on the internet and they haven’t really done anything lately. It’s really a delicate balance. I guess I’m boring (and that’s a very good thing!)


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