Hai thar! I bet you’re wanting to know more about me, the lovely awesome fantastic author of this blog! That would be why you clicked on that big shiny awesomeTASTIC button that said “About”! Because you wanted to know more about me and… um… yeah.

Well, dear reader, since you have journeyed this far, I shall reward you with some delicious tidbits of information! As long as you promise not to use them to track me down and stalk me and murder me in my sleep, because of course then I couldn’t update this blog and I wouldn’t thank you for that, mainly on account of being dead and unable to communicate with the living realm and all.


I am 18 years old and have been diagnosed with ADD and Scoliosis, I also strongly suspect I have Asperger’s Syndrome, Bipolar, Depression, and some form of Fibromyalgia. I also have BIID, also known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Basically that means that my body is all “WHATUP I’m all normaltastic and stuffs, but not because my back is funkified!” and my brain is all “WHOA my legs are paralyzed yo, what are you doing legs why are you moving stop it!” Which obviously causes me some issues since my brain is really confused but insists that it’s right but my body is all “NYAH NYAH I’m walking around what are you gonna do about it??”

And with that, you have also learned why I should not write things at 5:22 AM. WEWT!

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  1. nightshade43
    Jun 28, 2011 @ 01:56:07

    So you have:
    *Asperger’s Syndrome
    *Body Integrity Identity Disorder
    *Some form of Fibromyalgia
    AND *ADD (Attention Defecit Disorder)

    Next you’ll have Cerebal Palsy, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, Cancer, Porphoria, Cushing’s Disease, AIDS AND HIV, Bubonic Plague, Elephantitus, OCD, Sociopathy and Compulsive Lying.
    Why have EIGHT disorders when you can have them all?


    • Torako
      Jul 03, 2011 @ 19:24:29

      you’re that moron from deviantart, aren’t you? once again, asperger’s syndrome is a type of autism. you can’t have asperger’s and NOT have autism. the bipolar was speculation, i don’t think i’m bipolar anymore. BIID can’t be diagnosed by a professional, depression is obvious, fibromyalgia is mostly because i have back pain that the doctor claims is not from scoliosis (he may be lying though), scoliosis and ADD were both diagnosed by professionals. i have xrays of my back proving i have scoliosis, and i was diagnosed with ADD when i was six.


      • nightshade43
        Jul 23, 2011 @ 06:17:16

        Yes, call someone a moron.
        Good to hear that at least one disorder is now void.
        Depression is not “obvious”. Only a professional should diagnose it, as self-diagnosing is not only dangerous but also stupid and harmful to either the person or the people around them.
        Look, I’m on board with up to three.
        Autism is a spectrum; you either have one…or the other. They are on opposite sides of a similar disorder. It’s like saying: “I flipped the coin once and got Heads and Tails!” Unless said coin is on its side it is not possible to have both. I have actually looked into the issue and have personal experience. I’ve had the chance to interact with both Autistic and Aspergers people throughout my life in varying degrees.
        You are the FIRST person to say they are both. And I’ve talked to psychiatrists, disability workers, carers, the patients and read a few books on both disorders.
        Seriously, link me to where the heck you get the idea they are considered both and the same.
        Contrary to what you think I’m not coming into this blind.

    • Torako
      Jul 27, 2011 @ 14:39:31

      Um… No. You’re wrong, actually. Asperger’s is on the Autism spectrum. Anything on the autism spectrum is a form of autism! Here is more information on the autism spectrum.
      Asperger’s is a form of high-functioning autism. Ever heard of HFA and LFA? Oh, and you know that the only difference between high-functioning autism and Asperger’s is that Asperger’s doesn’t have a speech delay, right?

      I’m saying depression is obvious in my case, in that nearly everyone who spends a significant amount of time with me can see it. You are seriously the first person who has ever argued with me about whether or not I have depression. I feel hopeless and apathetic all the time, all of my emotions are dulled, and I have suicidal thoughts… Depressed enough for you?

      If you’re a troll, I suppose you’ve achieved your goal (making me upset.) If you’re not a troll… I hope you feel really good about yourself. You made a random person on the internet cry. Good fucking job. Your mother must be so proud of you.


  2. Sala bankietowa Suwa³ki
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 17:35:36

    I tend not to drop many remarks, but I read some of the remarks on this page About Different. Not less.. I do have a couple of questions for you if it’s okay. Is it just me or do a few of the remarks look like they are left by brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you are posting on additional places, I’d like to follow you. Could you post a list of all of all your public pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?


    • Torako
      Feb 28, 2013 @ 15:40:59

      I’m sorry, I like to keep my online life separate from my real life. About the only other place I post is tumblr, and the vast majority of that is reblogs.


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