Mono and Christmas (general update)

I had about half a post written about how I had mono and was really tired, but I was too tired to finish it. Now I’m feeling a lot better and decided to just rewrite it.

Apparently around Thanksgiving, I caught mono. I don’t know how or where I caught it, but I did.

When I was at the doctor’s though, we discussed other things like me seeing a shrink in the future, and I mentioned that I thought I had Asperger’s. She laughed, explained that she had 2 autistic children at home, and told me she was going to ask me if anyone had ever mentioned that before. Having an actual medical professional agree with me on that was really awesome…

In other news, I got some awesome stuff for Christmas! 1 Settlers of Catan extension, 2 Settlers of Catan expansions, some slippers, a robe, some money, a silly card game, an awesome dragon incense burner, knitting lessons, and some other stuff. W00t!

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